Founded by basketball players, we traded dribbling drills and shooting workouts for sketching designs, mixing ink, and producing top quality basketball apparel.  We love screen printing and design as much as we love hoops. So, each product is carefully crafted as if MJ himself would be wearing it.

Swishh Dreams is inspired by outdoor basketball and the freedom it manifests.  Our mantra is, “SAVE THE COURTS!” because 10% of every order goes toward cleaning up, resurfacing, painting lines & designs, and upgrading equipment at the courts we play on. 

With renovations, our goal is to develop creative and inspiring court designs to enrich the culture of basketball.  Swishh Dreams courts have the power to strengthen communities, support skill development and create safe play environments.  Beautiful courts provide a high quality experience that every player deserves!

Follow the journey!  @swishhdreams  #SAVETHECOURTS